Which Wine Are You?

You find out a lot about people when you go out for drinks. There are those that go for pricey cocktails with half a shot of alcohol and lots of interesting ingredients while others drink craft beer and craft beer ONLY. Some sip on scotchety scotch scotch.


Who else is with me when I say that wine is my preferred beverage of choice?

Now, use your judgment here and if you're at a dive bar, the wine may be as gross as the restroom around midnight, and you're probably better off with a mixed drink.

You can't help but judge your friend that gets ugly when they have whiskey yet give them a few glasses of Riesling instead and they're fun-loving and hilarious. So, is there a correlation between your go-to varietal and who you are? 

Chardonnay drinkers, say hey! This varietal is not-so-subtle and neither is the personality of those that adore this golden-hued wine. When you're out with someone who orders a Chardonnay without looking at the menu, know that they will want to share their crazy stories or analysis of the social scene. These die-hard Chard lovers are just as bold as the varietal they adore. 

Rosé is one of my personal favorite wines and I enjoy it because I am one to really enjoy being different. Red and white are the main categories everyone knows about but what about some pink drink? Rosé can be dry, sweet, subtle, and versatile and from my experience is also delicious as a sparkling variation. This varietal is for those that reject the notion that this is only a red-and-white world!

Zinfandel is zippy and bold but also a crowd-pleaser. Those that sip on this varietal embrace edginess without being overbearing. When out with a Zin drinker, do something slightly sinful yet tasteful and enjoy the vibes they put off. Adventurous yet refined, people that go for Zinfandel are bound to be adaptable and interesting. 

Sauvignon Blanc drinkers know and enjoy complexity and focus. When your friend orders a Sauv Blanc, be sure to ask them how they feel and think about the topics you cover in conversation. Loudness is a characteristic that just does not flow with a Sauvignon Blanc fan, so keep things concise and intellectual. 

Riesling has wiggled its way into my preferences and it is lovely. Probably not the lowest calorie wine, it pleases the palate initially then provides a lingering dryness after the first sip. Sweet and tart, Riesling just wants to have fun, and so does their fan club. These taste buds prefer candies with fruity qualities over rich chocolate sweets.  

Finally, an ode to the most treasured thing that has BUBBLES. Champagne for everyone, darling. What better way to enjoy getting a buzz than a flute of sparkling something? Universally revered, and that's just the way you like things to be. If you pop bottles on the reg, you're definitely more comfortable around others. I say, I'll drink champs regardless--Netflix and chilled bubbly? Sign me up! 

Whatever your preferred wine reveals about your personality is based on research from a wino so take this with a grain of salt and stick to your guns (or grapes).

Drink to enjoy, as always. Try something new or never change. Wine doesn't judge.