Through the Grapevine

Spotted! A cucumber in the grapevine! An unusual pairing to the imagination but what I am referencing is the totally relevant culinary fact that cucumbers are definitely in season. Diced or tossed, they are crisp and refreshing, and did you know that "cukes" (as we abbreviate them in the industry) are technically a fruit?  

Land and sea unite in summer delight when you pair our only Garganega varietal by the glass with Ahi Tostadas, which are available on both lunch and dinner menus, and make for an excellent fusion of flavors to the taste buds. 

Ahi Tostadas   For the Table   Lunch/Dinner        Watermelon, cucumber, fresno chili, soy lime dressing, avocado puree.
Monte Tondo Soave   Garganega   2014        Bright straw in the glass. Notes of minerals and butter, with a pleasing note of honeydew peeking through. Slightly dry, but opened up nicely.

Melon fruits marry from distant terrains while silky smooth avocado compliments the butter notes. 

Wine with food is succulent. Need I say more?


Venture to a red varietal for another adventure of a lifetime.

Grilled Steak Salad   Greens   Lunch/Dinner        Beef Skewers, Grilled Romaine, Charred Poblano and Pepita Dressing, Cherry Tomato, Cotija Cheese.
Round Pond   "Kith and Kin"   Cabernet Sauvignon 2013        Bold, with red cherry, currant, blackberry, and mocha layered with firm tannins.

Blackberries are known to be seedy berries so they find solace in a pairing with pepitas, "little seed of squash", and chewy beef begs for a rush of bright cherry dryness.


These descriptions expose two among countless pairings that await  through our doors--and we're here to introduce you to them.

Written by: Sara Cortez