Keepin' It Real

Origins are incredibly important when it comes to food. Where and how our vegetables are grown are factors that determine if a restaurant is gourmet or just another eatery. 

At TBR, we ensure that the quality of each ingredient that goes into the final product at your table is of the highest standards and grown right here in sunny San Diego. Many efforts contribute to the production of 'quality' food; one essential necessity is, of course,  making things from scratch. 

Peek into the kitchen and most every glance you can observe one of our awesome kitchen staff members working side-by-side with Chef Trevor or Gerardo blending up all the ingredients for one of our salad dressings or sauce for a main course. 

We order seasonal produce, specifically for our weekly specials, from only the best local farms and vendors. One of our main resources for tasty produce is Suzie’s Farm, a creation of Robin Taylor and Lucila De Alejandro.

Their farm is located thirteen miles south of downtown San Diego and spans an impressive 140 acres, where their poultry roam and veggies grow, and is 100% USDA-certified organic. In their own words:

"Our mission is to feed San Diegans the freshest and highest quality produce while creating a community of people who are passionate about organic, locally grown produce."

Suzie’s was established in 2004, on the property adjacent to Sun Grown Organic Distributors, a sprout and wheatgrass company operated by Robin and Lucila for twenty-five years. The farm is named after a Norwegian Elkhound who appeared on the property in early 2004. The first items grown at Suzie’s were edible flowers and herbs. They have drastically expanded in both size and scope, and now grow a multitude of vegetables, herbs, and fruits on 70 acres of beautiful farmland south of Imperial Beach.

Another amazing local business we work with is Chino Farm, also known as The Vegetable Shop, which is located in the San Dieguito Valley. When Junzo Chino emigrated from a small Japanese fishing village called Hashiguii in the early 1920's, this valley was merely a rural expanse of fields near Del Mar. Today, the 56 acre farm is run by Tom Chino, alongside his brothers Frank (Koo) and Fred (Fumio) and his sister Kay (Kazumi). The farm is famous for its sweet corn, strawberries, and tomatoes, but it also grows hundreds of varieties of other vegetables and fruits each year. We go to Chino Farm for most of our vegetables and the product is consistently delicious. What's cool about Chino Farm is, while regularly supplying a number of renowned chefs and restaurants like Mille Fleurs, George's at the Cove, Sushi Ota, Mr. A's, and our own restaurant, the farm is primarily dedicated to dealing directly to the public through their vegetable stand. 

It is truly incredible to watch each of our chefs use their knowledge of all different roles, from butcher to sushi chef to grill master while using the produce from farms who really know what they are doing. Their daily efforts in the kitchen are evident in all items from the tiny pieces of Ahi Tuna in our Ahi Tostadas to the succulent Pork Chop that is brined, marinated, and cooked to a perfect medium-rare in a sous-vide water bath, then finished on the grill. 

Each ingredient has a story to tell, a farm to represent, and dedicated culinary masters behind their creation--each dish is a masterpiece all its own.