Whine About Wine

Bad wine. Not a troublesome varietal or rogue combination of flavors, but a wine that no longer contains its magic. Sometimes a guest will declare a wine to be "bad" when the quality is actually perfect, but the flavors just do not suit their palate. Too young, not stored properly, or old are legitimate reasons why a wine deserves to be sent back and put out of its misery. 

Good vino:

  1. Wine that begs to be drank (aka not "bad" wine) can possibly have little pieces of cork floating in it--cork presence is not an indication of lack of quality but rather just a flaky cork. We all have that one cork!
  2. It is impossible to determine if a wine is "corked" by simply smelling the cork itself. 
  3. Screw caps and synthetic corks CANNOT be involved in a rightly-proclaimed "corked" bottle. 

Cork=natural; essentially tree trunk. Bacteria just love to grub on these types of foods. Any kind of fungus floating around discover the cork and the byproduct is TCA, Trichloroanisolea chemical compound that negatively affects the fermenting grape juice. 

Bad vino: 

  1. Moldy basement, flat and dull, with no fruit characteristics. Such are the feelings when tasting a genuinely corked wine. 
  2. Musty and almost like an entire dust wand was shaken out right into the wine.
  3. TIP: It’s harder to sniff out a corked red wine than a corked white wine.