Pairing Notes with Notes

"Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence."

Rhythmic beats, luxurious wine, delicious food. That's what you'll experience at our upcoming wine dinner we are calling, "The Sound (and Taste) of Music." Chef Gerardo's wife-to-be, Kenya, just so happens to also be an incredibly talented singer who will be performing at the dinner accompanied by her friends and fellow musicians from Mexico. After a year of performing in a live Jazz band directed by the renowned Jerry Lopez, she started her own project called, "Reverb", in which she has recorded some killer ballads. Her approach to singing is simple:

"Singing is a responsibility much more than it is about being admired and rewarded. It's about asking myself, 'how can I serve through my art and what can I do to support my community?'"

Gerardo reached out to local drum maker and King Drums workshop owner, Alex Vasquez, whose drums are designed with passion and creativity. 

See the product of his incredible craft when you check out this wine dinner, since he's the one providing the drum kit for the musicians. Look for the catchy KING emblem on that drummer's instrument when the snare rolls and the beat hits. 

You will be greeted by a slow-tempo Latin style of song called Bolero as you sip an Albariño, a crisp and refreshing white wine. According to the first wine guide website to come up on my Google search, the classic dish to pair with Albariño is pulpo, or octopus. Bite into Grilled Octopus with Baby Corn, Roasted Potatoes, and Seaweed and the first course of the sensory symphony concludes. 

Next, auditory awesomeness continues when you hear the theatrical sounds common in musicals. Think The Sound of Music. What's art without something sparkly in-hand? Dull and boring. We know this, so your second course will start with the always upbeat and bubbly Roederer Estate Sparkling Rose. Floral strawberry and sugar cookie aromas dance on the nose, lightening up complex flavors in the BBQ Prawns that were just placed in front of you. 

Third course will keep you listening, tasting, and loving life--this is when Pork and Pinot unite in perfect harmony. Generally, Pinot Noir exhibits ruby colors in the glass, provides mouthwatering acidity, and exhibits tea-like tannins supported by a silky mouth-feel. Pinot Noir is a wonderful wine to pair with a wide variety of food because of its bright acidity, complexity, and rich fruit character. It is one of the few varietals that pairs well with a delicate poached salmon or a complex pork roast. This course features a classic Italian pork roast called Porchetta which will be paired with an earthy and famously-funky varietal: Pinot Noir. Funk music brings a strong rhythmic groove to the party that perfectly compliments the Pinot in your glass. Why can't every concert taste this good?  

Ah, yes. Blues. Soulful sounds move smoothly to your ear and that sip of Merlot just got more velvety than usual. Four courses in and your taste buds are prepped for some game. Elk is the name of the game and it's jammin' with flavors of black cherry and cocoa nibs. It's around this time during the dinner that you feel you have been sufficiently serenaded, but like any great performance, there is indeed an encore.

Melodic Bossa Nova from Brazil is based on samba music with less percussion. Enticing yet comforting, you are relaxed by the Latin tunes as 20-year Port fills your glass. Scoop up some coconut ice cream and dig into the buttery Brazil Nut Tart, and you find yourself cheering from the inside out. All of these sights, sounds, sips, and spoonfuls come together to leave you fully entertained. Each musician played their art just for you, both chefs shared their creativity through the dishes cooked just for you, and each winery hydrated you with the stomped fruits of their labor.

Make like a metronome and let's count you in!

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Written by: Sara Cortez