Cool Blue Wine

Red, white, or…blue?! Gik Live (Gik for short) is a blue-colored wine produced using both Spanish and French grapes for the base of their cool blue wine. I first spotted this unique style of modern winemaking on one of the many food-related pages I follow on Facebook which prompted further investigation, of course. What the heck is BLUE wine and HOW is it made?!


Gik’s color is made by adding two organic compounds to the grape juice as described on their website as being Anthocyanins extracted directly from the grape skin and Indigo, while using what they call, “food tech,” to achieve the blue hue.

They claim to add, “natural sweetener,” and not sugar so as to avoid further fermentation and an increase in alcohol percentage after corking. At 11.5% ABV, if you accidentally polish off half the bottle, you don’t have to feel too blue—it’s also reasonably priced at $48 for three bottles and ships from Boston, MA. $16 a pop is definitely a reasonable price to me!

Seems like the world of wine is ever-expanding and changing, though this particular type of wine may be considered by some to not even be wine, technically. Gik is made by using both red and white grapes that are selected from wineries whose people display an, “innovative nature,” and are mainly from the La Rioja, Zaragoza, and Courthezón regions. Without one specific denomination, Gik certainly breaks the conventional European method of naming wines based on the specific town or estate the grapes originate from, i.e. appellation. Instead, Gik is a combination of selected-for-quality grapes from those main three areas. Talk about innovative!


I satisfied my own curiosity about this colorful newcomer to the wine scene by checking out their website: and you should too.

Written by: Sara Cortez